Tunnel for a calligrapher

Tunnel for a calligrapher

Renovation project of a small atelier for a calligrapher.

Considering small students also use the space, the interior is finished with two colours. Dark-brown on which ink stain is not visible and white of a water repellent material which is easy to wipe off ink.

The dark-brown wall is used for exhibiting calligraphy works. The dark colour as background highlights the whiteness of the calligraphy works. The white wall with gloss reflects light from the window and gives contrast between the dark-wall and the calligraphy works.

The composition of the interior with two colours, dark and bright, is as if the space itself is a work of calligraphy.

Small extension was installed in between the atelier and main building in addition to the interior construction. The small extension like a tunnel is the space for changing mode from ordinary to calligraphically. Space of dark and bright appears after passing through the dark tunnel.

Location :Gunma, Japan
Principal use :Atelier
Category :Renovation, extension
Construction :Tousyou Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
Photography :Satoshi Ohtaki





所在地 :群馬県 中之条町
用途 :アトリエ
工事種別 :改修、増築
施工 :有限会社 東昭建設
写真 :大滝 知