Luukku, wooden strings chair

Luukku, wooden strings chair

Prototype production: Osuuskunta PuuOsku
Finacial support for prototyping : Wood Program, Aalto University
Photography : Satoshi Ohtaki

Ash was the material we used to obtain elasticity, when human did´t have metal spring yet. Wooden strings chair was designed to bring out the nature of ash again, without loosing texture of wood.

The upper thin and elastic board above the hole touches the lower thick plank before reaching its breaking point. Extremely thin 4mm seat board was realized by the system .The hole shaped like violin plays a visual role as well as the structural function. The hole gives smiling face to the chair as if the chair tells you “ I am soft ”.

By communicating in two ways, to human body with its softness, to human mind with its smile, the chair will open new relation between furniture and human.


試作製作:Osuuskunta PuuOsku
試作援助:Wood Program, Aalto University


人の重みによりたわむ柔らかい上板は4mmという薄さとして、弾性を最大限引き出している。たわんだ上板が破壊点に達する前に厚い下板に接する構造とすることで、4mmという薄さを可能としている。 柔らかさのために空けられた穴は同時に、椅子に笑顔を作り出している。


Exhibitions | 展示

2020 : Wood Wonders exhibition, Helsinki Airport arrival hall 2B
2012 : Habitare 2012, PROTOSHOP
2012 : TOUCH WOOD, Alvar Aalto Museum
2011 : Habitare 2011, PROTOSHOP

Publication | 出版

2011 : AVOTAKKA 09/2011  (Finland)