Hanko Icecream Kiosk

Hanko Icecream Kiosk

Location : Hanko, Finland
Principal use : Kiosk
Design collaboration : Wood Program 2007-2008.
Construction : self construction
Photography : Satoshi Ohtaki, Anne Kinnunen

Project of an icecream kiosk built in Hanko, FInland.

Wooden villas which create charming town-scape of Hanko have two similarities, decorative wooden carving and unique color. The kiosk planned in a park nearby sea was designed with taking over these architectural characters, as colored structural core and decorative fence around it.

The decorative fence protects the core from sun, rain and sea wind. To make it possible to replace boards partially for damages, the fence was randomly composed of four different boards cut like waves by CNC.

所在地:Hanko, Finland
共同設計: Wood Program 2007-2008.
写真:大滝知, Anne Kinnunen




Publications | 出版

2010 : AV Monografias  no.140  (Spain)
2009 : PUU WOODHOLZBOIS  03/2009  (Finland)

Nomination | ノミネーション

2009 : Emirates Glass Leaf Award, Young star category , shortlisted