Buds on windows

House T / Buds on windows

Renovation project of a 35years old typical wooden house in Japan.

In this project we intended to make a large living space for an elderly couple to move easily. In addition to merging small rooms by removing interior walls, three window sides were inflated to make up for the little shortage of interior space.  The inflated spaces are used for TV, cupboard and fire protection for the stove.

The exterior of the three inflated volumes are painted in red to highlight greens that the customer takes care of. Although most of the exterior wall was left as it was,  the vivid reds visually update the impression of the whole house.

Location :Gunma, Japan
Principal use :Residential
Category :Renovation
Construction :Tousyou Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
Photography :Satoshi Shigeta   (** Satoshi Ohtaki)

House T / 窓辺の膨らみ


所在地 :群馬県
用途 :住宅
工事種別 :改修
施工 :有限会社 東昭建設
写真 :繁田諭   (** 大滝知)